[FIXED in 2022.28040] 2022.22400 : Print in textport Clear the >>> terminal line

Hello all,

If there is a print() coming from a script, the current terminal line gets cleared :confused:.
Here is a little patch to better explain :
terminal_clear_on_print.toe (4.6 KB)

Hey @LouisVRX

Thanks for the report.

Not quite sure if we can do anything about it, I’ve logged a report for a developer to get back to you.


Hello Michel!

Thanks for the response.

I have compare the behaviour with the 2021.16410 version, it used to spawn a new terminal line at each print (or multiple prints in a frame?) but keep the string buffer in the current terminal line.

Do you have a insight about what changed ?

It would be quite convenient to be able to use another terminal application (and be able to use ANSI color codes :nerd_face:).

Keep up the good work,

The textport got a major rewrite under the hood in the 2022 release in order to use the new text engine that you see in DATs and the Text/Geo Text COMPs. We’ve tried to keep the behaviour pretty similar, but there may be a few differences so please let us know if you run into any problems.

I’ll get the issue of the input getting cleared fixed shortly and I’m also working on some performance improvements for when the textport gets beyond a few thousand lines.

The new textport actually does support syntax coloring like the new DATs, but we haven’t quite decided on a standard way of formatting it so it currently appears all the same color.

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I see that the problem has been fixed ! [2022.28040]

Thanks for all the work and looking forward for the syntax coloring.

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