FIXED: Instance texturing crashes in perform mode in 2022.24200

Using Windows 10, latest 2022 release - I’m using GLSL Instance Texturing with simple geometry, a GLSL MAT and a Render TOP. When I enter perform mode TouchDesigner hangs and crashes. I can enter perform mode fine when its not rendering anything connected to this Render TOP in the OP Viewer, and similarly, the network view works fine and renders everything that’s connected to said TOP just fine.

It also crashes when I go to the top level of the network. I tried deleting the perform Window COMP and going to the top level, and it crashed as well.

Thanks for the report. Can you post your .toe file so i can try to reproduce it exactly?
Can you also share what your GPU/OS and driver version is?

Hi Malcolm

I made a test file which reproduces the same problem, attached here

Instance_Perform_Crash.toe (10.5 KB)

GPU - RTX 3090 TI
Driver Version 512.95

Looks like this crash has been fixed already in the internal builds. The next build we post will have the fix. Thanks for the report!

Great news! Thanks for investigating. Any specifics on why it happens?

I believe I figured this out by narrowing down the problem, FYI - when the Render TOP is set to “Order Independent Transparency” the crash happens. Instancing doesn’t affect anything.

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