FIXED: Intermittent cap ignored when changing node name

Hi there,

I noticed on the last 2 version a recurrent, but intermittent bug that make impossible to set a node name with cap, only small char are accepted but cap are simply ignored unless you deactivate or select an another node then reselect the one you want to rename and do it again.
This behavior occurs randomly and I could found a way to strictly reproduce it, but it happens with a blank project as well as on project I’m working on.

I made a short video showing the problem available on this link (I couldn’t post the mov here).
The problem is visible at 00:32 in the video where I try to enter a cap letter and TD simply ignore it un til I deselect the node and reselect it.

TD version 2023.1160
Apple MacBook Pro Silicon M1
macOS Sonoma 14.4.1


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yesss I’ve been getting this also

macOS also? I can reproduce it on much older builds, will see what I find.

Yes, on MacOS Sonoma

Will be fixed in the next official. Thanks for the report on this obscure bug!