FIXED:Inward works as Outward in Actor

Build 2021.11180
I opened my old project with Nvidia Flex Solver. I have a fluid emitter and an actor with Kinematic State set to Static (Infinite Mass), Triangle Collision Direction set to Inward. The fluids could enter the object but couldn’t leave the object because of the collision direction set to Inward. Now with the new build, the fluids cannot enter the object.
It works in 2020.27390 but it fails in 2021.11180.

Possibly an issue with the SOP used to create the collision shape. Could you attach your project?

You were right. The problem is with the Alembic SOP. In older ver. 2020.27390 particles go inside the object and stay there but in ver.2021.11180 particles don’t go inside the 3d object. (480.4 KB)

Thanks for the example. Yeah, it’s because the Alembic file is coming in with flipped faces in 2021.11180. This will be fixed in the next official build we release, 2021.12280+