FIXED:Issues on Flex Solver: TD 2020.22080 Windows 10

Hi all,
I’m trying to instance the color of the actor1 particles.
So I created a noiseTop connected to a topToChop. Then I stretched the channels to match the length of the instances of tha actor1 (num_active_bodies). I’m facing several issues, maybe just because I don’t know how to operate correctly?
I tried to extract the part of the patch (attached) and to tell you how to reply some of the issues.

How to replicate the issues:
Issue 1, instancing not working:
Open the patch
Start the fsolver (the flow will start to fall)
Go into /project1/fsolver1
Insert “null15” as actor1 Color OP
*ISSUE the particles stop to fall
Go back to the fsolver, reinit and restart
*ISSUE the actor1 returns an error: “all OPs must generate the same number of istances…”

Issue 2, erratic particles	
	Same steps as before
	Remove the "null15" from the Color OP	
	********ISSUE******* now the particles are animated with completly different parameters

Just because it seems there some problem when the simulation is not yet playing and the instances are 0, I added a simple script that inserts and delete the “null15” as Color OP in the instance of the actor1 when at least 1 instance is active.
flexBug.1.toe (8.1 KB)

Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in the next official build.

Going forward it will function automatically like the manual instance count mode, so you will only need to provide a sufficiently long enough instance OP to cover all active bodies. In your example, that means you could just reference the null2 TOP instead of having to deal with resizing the CHOP based on the number of active bodies.

Thank you very much for fout attention and the fast reply! :smiley: