FIXED: Layout TOP pixelated when I open the file. Why?

Hello everybody!

As the title says, I have a question about why Layout TOP is pixelating texts and shapes when I re-open the file I was working on. Previously, it was working fine, with good resolution and quality. In this case, it is clear that it is Layout TOP, because the previous nodes look just fine. This same thing happened when I tried to copy and paste the text and layout TOPs again when I was working on this.

I’ll post an image here in order explain better what I mean:

Any ideas of how to solve this or why this must be happening? Yesterday it worked good with no pixelation.

Thank you very much!!

can you post a small example which shows this behavior? That would make it easier to see what’s up.

Sure! Here you got the file I was working on. If I replace the Layout TOPs, it looks fine until I close the project and open it again, looking pixelated.

TD_Retro_Interfaz_Post.toe (4.7 KB)

Probably there are so many things that I am not doing well, but my doubt is only about the pixelated Layout TOPs.


first suggestion is to replace all your Layout TOPs for Transform TOPs, as you only want to transform a single TOP each time. A Layout TOP is meant to layout multiple TOP inputs into one TOP, and a Transform TOP is twice as fast (because it is simpler on the inside). This will also fix your issue with pixelated look on startup.

Having said that, I’m not sure why the Layout TOP demonstrates this behavior. Seems like a bug - perhaps because it expects to always have multiple TOP inputs.

Thank you very much! I don’t know why I didn’t think about using Transform TOPs instead of Layout TOPs. Probably in the beginning, I wanted to layout more than one input together but I ended up doing it one by one.

Anyway, it looks like a bug. Maybe you are right and it’s expecting to always have multiple inputs. I hope they solve this as soon as possible!

Thanks a lot, man!!

Hey @pgl23,

I just gave your file a try. It does look odd and I reported it internally.

A developer will look into it.

Thanks for the report,

This bug will be fixed in builds 2020.45660 and later,


Cool! Glad to find a bug for the TouchDesigner team :slight_smile:

Thank you bery much!

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