Fixed Length EventCHOP

It would be super nice if it would be possible to give the eventCHOP a fixed length, instead of it appending and discarding events. This would make the creation of animations in instanced environments so much easier.
I mocked something up real quick using Speed and scriptCHOP, but a native solution would be welcome.
fixedEvent.tox (1.3 KB)

I literarily just built something like this using the script chop as well. certainly feels less elegant, and less performant, but a decent work around. Would be nice to see the event chop have this functionality as a toggle perhaps, and new events simply use the oldest expired event’s sample / slot.

One edge case to consider though is what happens when more events are spawned, than there are samples? My guess the most straight forward solution is to just reset the oldest event even if it’s not finished with it’s life cycle.

Although perhaps a second toggle could indicate whether or not undead events can be killed and restarted.

BTW there is also a small bug in the event chop that may, or may not affect your usage atm. Incase you haven’t seen - should be fixed soon though:

I had a feeling that you would have something simmiliar :slight_smile:
Your additions sond quite nice. At least for me, the most important part is to trigger a specific event at a given index, instead of cycling through them.
To, at least, get a recycling of static events without the need to trigger events at a given index, I could see a constantCHOP layed out with the fixed ammount of samples and adding the events over it.

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