FIXED: Line MAT - Render with Quad Reproject - Distort or Scaling Bug (?)


in my project I’m using point cloud renders and quite a bit of quad reprojection. It all worked amazing as long as I rendered the points with SOP spheres as Geo and Constant MAT as material. I tried to switch to Particle Point SOP rendering and using the Line MAT as material since I performance starts becoming an issue. But somehow the quad reprojection doesn’t work anymore as intended. I attached a file to show the problem, screenshot next:

Rendering the scenes without quad reprojection works obviously, but the quad reprojected renders differ from each other, ultimately loosing the effect!

I think it is a bug, because I can’t seem to find any setting in the Line MAT that causes this weird scaling behaviour.

PS: On a side note. Is point cloud rendering currently done fastest with the Line MAT if you don’t need any fancy shading but just constant round circles??

Thanks Guys!

QuadReproject_LineMAT.toe (7.0 KB)

This will be fixed in builds 2021.12380 and later. Thanks for the report.

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