FIXED: List COMP issues

listIssues.toe (5.3 KB)

Few bugs/issues with the List COMP. (also see “/project1/list_bugsDAT”)

In the first column the leftBorderOut is not drawn

separate selection
op("list1").selectionColor = (.3, 0, 0, 1)

draws over top, right, bottom border, and not over left border
-> it should behave consitently and ideally not draw over borders (as we can color separate selection borders independently)

adding a separate selection will not trigger a cook for an opview monitoring the list COMP

and finally two questions:

  • How is op("list1").rolloverCol supposed to work. Just pointing it a my list doesn’t update, so I’m sure I’m missing a step

  • What is the actual purpose/usecase for the “separate selection” ?

bumping this in case you missed this post

Hi Achim. Thanks for the bump. We’ll be looking through these soon.

Hi Achim.
We’ve now fixed the border issue and the cooking issues.
The selection has now been moved in one pixel to not overlap with the outside border.

As for the .rolloverCol and other members, they are generally used inside the callbacks, but we’ve also fixed cooking issues when they are referenced from other operators.

The selection members can be used to highlight an arbitrary group of cells directly as far as I’ve seen it used.

Fixes are available in builds 2020.46290 and later.


Thank you rob! Much appreciated