FIXED: List scrollv is set/returned as Int


I’m making a UI where a list displays the names for some animation channels (think Adobe After Effects or something). I’d like to hijack the scroll of the list so it inherits the scroll value of the window to its right. Problem is when I get or set the op(‘lister’).panel.scrollv.val panel attribute it gets casted to an int. Weirdly enough when I use the panel CHOP it shows the scroll[uv] values as the correct float.

Ex: print(op(‘lister’).panel.scrollv) would return only 0 or 1
op(‘lister’).panel.scrollv = 0.75 would only set it to 0

Here’s an example:
Lister_Scroll_Test.tox (33.6 KB)

I recently made a post like this in the General area, but upon further investigation decided to delete it and move this to the bugs section.

Do you see any work-arounds to setting the scroll value?


Controlling panel scollbar positions is not currently possible. Logged your request.

Actually, though we can’t currently control panel scrollbars, list scrollbars are settable.
Built 2021.16170+ now fixes the clamping to nearest integer.

Thanks for reporting, sorry for the long delay!
Happy holidays.

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Whoot! Thank you for the fix!

And controlling scroll bars of any panel/container will be available in builds 2021.38130+ and later,
through use of its scrollu scrollv panel values.

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