FIXED: [Mac OS] Monochrome TOP doesn't work


Is it a bug or just unsupported?
GPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 1536 МБ for Macbook Pro

Mac OS 11.0.1, Touchdesigner Experimental 2020.45520 (JAN)

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same problem here, Mac OS 11.0.1, Touchdesigner Experimental 2020.45520

By the way change Pixel Format to mono is working.

Same issue. Thought I was going crazy. 2020.45520.

Is there another way to convert to grayscale?

Thanks for the report everyone, we’ll look into this.

@superalamar According to @zmnv you can change the Pixel Format on the common page to mono and it will work, then in a following TOP you could change it back to whatever format you want to use I assume.

As an alternative you can use a Lookup TOP, set the method to ‘Luminance’ and plug a black and white ramp into it’s second input. I have attached an example.
MonoAlt.toe (3.8 KB)

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Hmm, On my system changing the pixel format in the monochrome to any of the mono settings just results in a black and white checkerboard as opposed to a red and blue one, though it works if you disable the red mask.

My account is too new to upload a file looks like. At any rate, with the red mask left in it’s native state of active, checkerboard independent of the pixel format, with it off, it works in mono.

(Off topic, but is there possibly a plugin that makes panel buttons like the ones for the channel mask a little bit more intuitive for discerning their toggle state?)

We’re just testing a fix for this now and will post an update as soon as we’ve confirmed the issue is resolved.

So the fix we were testing does appear to solve the issue on our machines. If you want to give it a try you can use the link below. Let us know if you’re still having problems.

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it works. thank you!