FIXED: MAC/WIN 2023.11760 KeyboardinDAT + textCOMP editing


KeyboardinDAT fires key events while editing text in textCOMP if mouse cursor left textCOMP viewer. Also moving cursor in and out textCOMP causes altering text and text cursor position.


Thanks for the report. I’m having some trouble trying to reproduce this on my windows machine.

Just to clarify things:

  • When you first start typing in the text comp view window, are those key presses not appearing in the KeyboardIn DAT? On my machine, the keyboard in dat shows everything regardless of where my cursor is.

  • When you move the cursor back over the text comp viewer, you say the cursor position is changing? But you’re not clicking anything at this point, you’re just moving the cursor and typing?

  • I see in the video some text appearing near the cursor? Is this a Mac feature you have enabled or a utility?

Hi Rob,
Thanks you.

Just also checked Windows: I got the same as you - keyboardinDAT simlpy fires all events, regardless cursor position, nothing else wrong happens. According to docs it should not happen during typing text.


Not appearing. But if you do:

  1. Open editor viewer
  2. Click inside viewer
  3. Move mouse cursor out
  4. Start typing
    First key pressed will appear the rest are not.

Correct, only moving cursor, not clicking.

It is by screen recorder.

Thanks for the clarifications. One of our Mac devs is looking into this now.

This will be fixed in build 2023.11869+.

Thanks for the report,