FIXED:Midi In CHOP not receiving


You can see in my gif that the midi mapper is seeing Device 2 events just fine, but the Midi In CHOP has stopped seeing events. Is there something I could try to un-jam this?

Happening with a brand new fresh .toe in Win10 2022.26590

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This happened to me yesterday as well.

2022.26590 Changelog:

  • MIDI support dropped

jk jk

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Is the ‘Pulse Preserve’ off or on in that CHOP?
Does toggling it make a difference?

‘Preserve Pulses’ is off.

Turning it on makes the CHOP respond to MIDI inputs. Turning it back off makes the CHOP not respond at all again.

Unfortunately, the functionality of ‘preserve pulses’ does not meet my requirements, so I am unable to use that as a workaround.

Hm. Okay, interesting.
The 2021 version of TouchDesigner was not timesliced, but only cooked when new events were received, which this version is trying to support.
We’ll investigate further.

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Okay this will be fixed in builds 2022.26640 and later.
So in Simplified Input mode, the CHOP will only cook when events arrive as before, unless Pulse Preserve is on, forcing it to cook each frame, as a time sliced CHOP.

2022.26640 Changelog:

  • MIDI support added



Just stumbled on this after building a session i need to use this weekend, and this is a pretty big dealbreaker. Any ETA on a hotfix? Do I need a plan B for friday?

@drmbt Here’s the build.

Let me know if you need it for macOS.

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:pray:thank you!

This was inconvenient for me last weekend. Lesson learned- install parallel builds when updating days before an event.

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Hey ben! This says it is deleted when I try to download it

Apologies @Flowtricks, the link is fixed now!


Hi @Ben, I suspect am having the same problem with MIDI CHOP on macOS version 2022.26590. Any chance you could share the link for the 26650 branch for macOS? Thank you.

I only have the Intel build for that, it works find on Apple Silicon hoever. We will post new builds in the coming week however. You can also toggle the parameter Pulse Preserve = On in your current build and it should work.

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Thank you so much!

Sorry Ben,
Out of town and TD for a long moment in Toscana… I just downloaded the updated version, everything Ok, thanks


Hello. I am using the 2022.29850 build. The problem still exists.I am using an electric percussion as the midi device ( Behringer XD80USB). If I turn Preserve Pulses on, I get the chop data but only if these are higher values (more than around 60) and these values don’t go through; I only get 1 if it goes beyond 60 in the midi dialogue or 0 if it doesn’t. Moreover the links that Ben sent to the build that fixes the problem are not available anymore.
Do you know how to help me?

@youngkapar the build you’re using should have all the midi fixes from the prior builds.

Also, based on what you’re describing, yours may be a new/different issue warranting its own thread.

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