FIXED: Mouse Sticks to Title Bar

Expected behavior: when I drag a TouchDesigner window with my mouse via the title bar, and release the left mouse button, the window should stay where I released the cursor.

Experienced behavior: sometimes, when I drag a TouchDesigner window, and release the left mouse button, the window stays attached to the cursor as though it’s not been released, and I have to click again to get it to register the release, and for the window to stay put and stop following my mouse

To reproduce: drag a TouchDesigner window around your desktop using the window title bar

System: Win 10, various recent updates
GTX 1080 with various recent driver versions
Logitech G502 with G HUB installed

Anyone else ever have this annoying glitch happen to them?

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We’ve been able to reproduce this bug recently, especially when the timeline FPS is set to something lower than the default 60.
Is that the same in your case?
We are working on a fix.
Thanks for the report.

Yes, I am running at 30fps.

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Constantly, for as long as I’ve been using TD. Though I didn’t realize it might be related to lower FPS… I’ll test that out tomorrow

We have a potential fix for this issue that will be available in the 2021.30000 series of builds.


This has been bugging me ever since I started using touchdesigner, can really fuck up a workflow if you have to click 5 things in 5 seconds but you spend those 5 seconds trying to get the mouse to release the window. Can confirm it happens more often at 30fps but it also happens on default 60fps sometimes. Even not dragging a window but just clicking on the title bar to activate it can cause the mouse to ‘grab’ it and not let go.

I noticed the bug is not limited to title bars but also when any panel is set to have a mouse drag move a window.

Bumping to say this is still happening with 2021.16270 Win10

Edit: sorry just realized that a potential fix wouldn’t be til 30000 series.

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Yep, the fix should be in the Experimental 2021.30000 builds that are out now.