FIXED: Movie File In TOP doesn't show red square on error

When loading a file via a URL, and it fails, the Movie In TOP doesn’t show a red square at the bottom left. Instead I just get the red x.

Here is a URL that fails for me, which you can possibly test with:

If I change the file par to something like asasdfasfds it gives me the red square as expected.

To be clear, I am not asking why the web file is failing. I am asking why I don’t see the red square like I do with missing offline files. Shouldn’t both instances give a yellow triangle warning and a red rectangle in the corner?

Hey @matijaerceg

Thanks for the report.

Good point, I’ll log an issue for a developer to look into it.


This behavior will be more consistent in the next 2022.20000 series build we post. Thanks for the report!