FIXED:Movie File Out .fileSuffix method doesn't update extention build 2020.24520

I am using a widget based interface and custom parameters to output movies, images & image sequences. In order to give the correct file extension in the windows file saving menu, I am using
'.' + op('image_record').fileSuffix.split('.')[-1]
combined with an eval DAT that in term updates the file extention list parameter on Value Change from the fieldFileBrowser Widget. This is working/updating on startup and when I manually change the file type in the movie File Out TOP, but not when I am changing it in the Interface. Force cook doesn’t make a difference either, unfortunately.
Here is a screenshot of my Movie File Out settings, hopefully it can help making the problem more understandable !

Hey, any chance you can post a sample .toe? Should be easy to fix if we can reproduce

This will be fixed in the next official build. Thanks for the report.

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Seems like fileSuffix is broken again for h264… should update to .mp4 but does not

We output .mov containers for H264 by default. This is because .mov accepts MP3 audio while .mp4 does not.