FIXED: multiMix tool broken in 2021.38110, Windows 10

Doesn’t appear to work at all, either with static images or movies.

Hey @ceberman

I am able to use it. Did you read the readme you can fin inside the COMP ?

In that screenshot above, did you play around with all parameters? Did you set the number of layers to be 2?

If it doesn’t help, do you mind sharing a file and/or explaining what you are trying to achieve using the multiMix COMP?

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Hi and thanks for getting back,

Here are two versions of the same thing, one working (2021.15800), and one not working (2021.38110). I’ve been successfully using this component for a year or so in previous TD versions.

I haven’t touched any of the parameters (and I haven’t needed to) other than setting the Layers[123] source

MultiMixTest-2021.15800-GOOD.toe (34.0 KB)
MultiMixTest-2021.38110-NG.toe (33.4 KB)

I imported the multimix from the Tool palette in each version (don’t know if they’re different)

However, since I have a pretty large and involved toe file, it would be great, if I didn’t need to change/upgrade the components when upgrading TD versions (I haven’t needed to in the past year or so)

Thanks again

Ah yes ok,

Thanks for the sample files, I see the issues.




There is a new parameter to order parameters on the parameter CHOP, it appears that in 30k the parameters are not ordered correctly and part of the network relying on the parameter CHOP is sometimes failing.

I will temporarily switch this to use legacy.

However it doesn’t fix all problems, there is also a shader issue that could be related to Vulkan and will need to be investigated by a developer.


Hey @ceberman

Both issues described above will be fixed in 2021.38500+

Thanks for your time,


Excellent, thank you!