FIXED: NDI out/math chop/audio issue

I’m running into an odd audio issue seemingly related to a math/merge chop, and NDI Out.

I have two MovieFile in TOPs, both with audioMovie Chops. The audio gets merged using a math chop (or merge chop), then is sent to an NDI Out Top.

My issue is when I switch back and fourth between two video files on one of the Movie File in TOPs, touch designer becomes unresponsive, fairly consistently. The crash is surprising, because it either becomes totally unresponsive, or just quits.

I was able to recreate this, in a small and simple touch designer project here:

Interesting note, it also only seems to happen when when a NDI Receiver is actively subscribed to the NDI output. Which is why there is an NDIin TOP. If that didn’t exist, opening NewTek Studio monitor seems to produce the same error.

I’m using Windows 10, and TD 2020.23680 64 bit.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks for the excellent demo setup, it was easy to reproduce and we’ll look for a fix.

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Thanks for the example! This crash will be fixed in the next build we post.

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@malcolm @ben Thank you! Any idea of what the time-frame is for this fix? We have an upcoming project, and I’d like to know if I need to figure out a work around not using NDI.

Thank you!

The new build was posted yesterday, 2020.24520

@ben and it works great! Thank you for your fast support!