FIXED:Number of replicants not updating after hitting "Recreate All Operators"

I’m browsing previous issues before posting myself, I have an issue I’m not sure is the exact same, if not I’ll create one.

On 2023.11760, windows 11, I lose the reference to the CHOP controlling the number of replicants (replicate by number) when clicking on recreate all operators. The reference is still there, but there is no longer a dotted line with the arrow and changing the CHOP doesn’t work. It’s happened in a bigger project but I recreated the issue in the file attached.

(I’m aware that for the specific thing in the file would be better as an instanciation but I planned on doing things inside the containers that wouldn’t work with instances)


Hi @Neurotypique,

thank you for the report and the example.
I can reproduce the issue and we are having a look!


This will be fixed in builds 2023.11860 and later.
Thanks for the report.