FIXED:Object CHOP giving incorrect relative transfrom from reference to target?


From my understanding, in the following example, the object chop should return exactly -7 degrees of rotation on the Y axis, and nothing else. Why is it giving these seemingly random X and Z translations? Am I misunderstanding its behavior?

In practice, when I use this setup to transform something based on a difference between 2 transformations (from objects), the object CHOP gives a transformation that seems to rotate around some weird imaginary pivot point, even though the pivot is set to 0.

All parameters are default, besides the rotation you see in the upper transform1

Hi @aulerius

This is logged for a developer to get back to you.


This will now be fixed in builds 2023.11244 and later.
It was in fact assuming a default pivot of (1,1,1)

As a workaround you can always merge in three channels of value 0 with names px,py,pz to your transform CHOPs.


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