FIXED:OSC in chop values won't save

I modify the values of the OSC in chop with my OSC client, and save the .toe file. Whenever I open it again, the osc value has reverted to previous values.

In this file, I included a constant chop, which I use to snapshot the values after I change them. I also added an OSC out chop, so I can send the values back to my OSC in chop (which I deactivate before saving). If you save it, and open it again, it still has the original values. Am I missing something about how chop states are saved?

Thanks for any advice.

Touchdesigner build 2019.15840 windows 10 (tried on 3 different computers)
oscInTest.toe (4.12 KB)

Got it. Will send to dev

Thanks for the example.
This will be fixed in 2019.16470+

It was an issue with non-queued operation.