FIXED: parameter Execute clearing toggles when disabled

I’ve got a few comps with simulations within them that have reset pulse buttons.

In performance mode I cook and uncook some comps in order to save resources.

Sometimes (not everytime) when I disable and enable a comps cooking flag, the parameter execute op inside the comp ‘clears’ it’s On Pulse toggle - meaning I have to dive back into the comp and turn on the On Pulse toggle again to get my perform GUI to start working again.

my script is

def onPulse(par):
opz =

where I’ve got a few different pulse parameters named the same as the OP that needs reseting.

Cooking and uncooking is probably not the best way to make this work but it seems weird that the toggles would change.

Windows10 2019.15840

Can you post a .toe please?

This bug should be fixed in build 17110+ or later. Thanks for the report!

Awesome, thanks Selina :smiley:

Any indication when the next release would be?

Should be in the next few days.