FIXED: Parameter expression not evaluating

I guess I have encountered bug in parameter expression evaluation. It is somehow related to using python extensions, cloning and parexec - but I can’t really tell what is going on under the hood. I have rather created an simple example where you should be able to reproduce this issue and see it for yourself. Please feel free to look at following example: par_reference_with_extension.17.toe (4.9 KB)

Just change Showit parameter on /project1 and observe what happens to base1 and base2 inside of it (base2 will change, but base1 won’t). This problem occurs right after scene is opened - until parameter expression is changed, or re-init network on base1 is pulsed. For more information please take a look at text_info DAT.
I am using version 2020.22080 on Win10. Thanks.

P.S. Just to explain - the reason why I was making this kind of setup is discussed in this thread.

I’m able to reproduce from your example. Interesting here is that pointing the expression for the switch to parent(2).par.Showit does seem to work as expected. Wondering out loud it might be related to an optimized expression that isn’t updating? That’s a good puzzler.

Good find! Investigating.

Excellent error report .toe, by the way. Thanks for taking the time.

You are welcome, thanks for looking into this.

Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in the next official, 2020.23250 or later.

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