FIXED: Possible bug in texture instancing on the experimental release

Hi guys i’m trying to use the instancing texture (using the texture 3d - option 2d texture array) applied to my material. When i pass the chop operator in the instance2 - texture coord OP and i try recall my TextureIndex, all became black.

I want to notify that i’m working actually on the udoo board system, doing some test, so i don’t believe that is connected with the hardware, but could be very helpful to verify and fix eventually this problem.


Can you please attach an example file so we can check your setup?
Did it work for you on the previous build?


easy patch. i’ve tested the patch with the last and previous experimental release (not working)
Works well with the stable release (20140 tested - not tested with the last stable).

texture instance bug.toe (5.0 KB)

Thanks for the example.

Thanks for the report, this bug will be fixed in builds 2019.37310 or later.