FIXED: Potential bugs in 2022.26590 Apple Sillicon build

Firstly, getting a crash when I open the gestureCaputure component (even in a clean project with nothing else). And seeing this image warning

Also, when I switch the Noise TOP’s monochrome switch to “off” instead of seeing an RGB image, i see a flat gray one.

gestureCapture_open_crash.1.toe (36.7 KB)
noise_monochrome.1.toe (3.5 KB)

Hey @asarwate

Thanks for the report.

Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce the first issue on my end so far. Can you share the complete specs of your Mac ? OS Version / Model / Year… etc

I can reproduce the second issue and it will be logged for a developer to look into it.



I’m on an Apple Silicon 16 inch Macbook Pro (2021) with an M1 Max, running macOS Monterrey 12.4

Hi, any updates on the gestureCaputure issue?

The GestureCapture issue has been duplicated. Will let you know when its fixed. Thanks for the report.

Both of these bugs will be fixed in builds 2022.27370 and later. Thanks for the report.