FIXED: Probe navigation broken in CPU Mem, GPU Mem, and Children views

When I’m using Probe, in CPU Time and GPU Time views, I can navigate easily by clicking on operators to enter them, and on a blank spot to go up a level.

However, in CPU Memory, GPU Memory, and Children views, clicking LMB click always navigates up one level…

…unless I zoom in SUPER close to the op before clicking it like this, until this faint text appears, which I accidentally discovered:

I would expect the behavior between all five modes to be the same, and for LMB to go into an OP no matter the zoom level.

win 10
mousewheel in/out navigation disabled in preferences

Hey @matijaerceg

Thanks for the report,

I’ve logged it as an issue to be logged into.


This will be fixed in the next build we post. Thanks for the report.

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