FIXED: Project gets ballooned after using basic widgets

After using lots of basic widgets from the palette, my project gets ballooned dramatically.
I’m wondering how to check what is going on by my self.


TD 2019.18360 on windows 10


How many do you have?

In some simple cases, you can put the basic widget package into your project and turn cloning on in the widgets. This will make longer load times and smaller files.

There is a critical bug with saving unicode strings in parameters that was introduced in the 18360 version of the software. We are going to roll out a build tomorrow with a fix. You will likely need to roll back your .toe versions to one made previous to this build, as your unicode strings are likely getting corrupted by this build.
Very sorry for this issue!

That sounds like a more effective solution than mine

FYI the new build we posted should be able to load the corrupted .toe files, and will save out fixed versions of them.