FIXED:Random MIDI messages when pluging device on USB Ports

Hello everyone,

It’s been years I’m walking on eggshells around my USB ports, everytime I’m playing a show involving TD and midi controllers. I have to avoid pluging/unpluging anything, otherwise it will send random values on my midi channels.
Using a version from 2021, I was coping with that, thinking the trouble may have been taken care of in one of the updates.
But I’ve recently renewed my licence and the problem is still there.

I’m using a Korg nanoKontrol2, and anytime I unplug or plug something else on another USB Port, it resets my midi CCs to arbitrary values.
Other softwares are not affected, so it seems to be a Touchdesigner problem.
I’ve been trying to find a get around, using an Execute DAT set on Device Change, to disable Midiin for a short period of time. Device Change is indeed triggered when the problem occurs, but only shortly after the midi values have come in.

There is actually a lot of values coming in, more than 500 values per CC affected, and the values are going up and down, increasing and decreasing till it reaches it’s final value (which is always the same but different for each CC), all of that in less than a second…
And those are only sent to the CC who have changed from the bugged arbitrary value. (If I don’t move any fader and try to reproduce the bug, no value will come in).

Has anyone experienced this kind of thing ? Any workaround or inner fix ?
Thank you !! :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing a similar issue. I’m using an Akai APC40 mk2 and if I plug in usb drives, unplug the controller, load or unload virtual drivers it causes TouchDesigner to fire seemingly random midi notes.
I’m using build 2022.33910 on Windows 11.

Hey @taj-ninny & @cuetheFog1,

sorry for the bit slow response on this, we are looking at it.


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Wondering if it is perhaps different MIDI CHOPs responding.

For example do you have a:
/local/midi/template/mapmaster1/midiout in your toe file? (created in default toe files)

If so, could you go to its output page and make sure ‘Automatic Note Off’ is turned off?

use the following to look for others:

Let me know if that helps,

Hi, sorry for late answering,
I actually just have read the release notes from 2023.11510 “Fixed random MIDI messages when unplugging then re-plugging in devices.
So it seems you’ve been working on that, I’ll give it a try soon, thank you derivative :slight_smile:

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Yes I think that was the long standing issue. Please let us know if it comes up again.