FIXED - Recreate parameters in 2022

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I have a bug occurring in the 2022 versions of TouchDesigner. I’m using a script that allows loading project configurations. Among these configurations, it’s possible to set a list of resolutions. I have a Python extension that, upon opening TouchDesigner, deletes all resolution parameters from a base before reading the resolution list and recreating the resolution parameters on the same base for each resolution in the list.

In 2021, there was no issue. If a resolution parameter changed upon opening, all boxes referencing those resolution parameters would take the new value. However, in 2022, this is no longer the case, and the boxes remain at their previous value.

I am providing a project file demonstrating the bug. To reproduce the issue:
test.toe (4.2 KB)

  1. Open the project in TouchDesigner 2022.
  2. Go to the parameters of “Base1” in the “Custom” tab and change the “Res” parameter (you will notice that the “res” box and the “constant” box follow the change).
  3. Then, go to the parameters of “Base1” in the “Extension” tab and click on “Re-Init Extensions.” This will delete the “Res” parameter and recreate it afterward.
  4. You will notice that the “res” parameter of “Base1” returns to its initial value, but the other boxes do not update.


Hey @JCMacena,

thank you for posting this. Could recreate the issue, we’ll check what’s causing it.
As a slight workaround for now until it’s fixed, add a Parameter CHOP and reference the resolution from there…

Just a side note (same issue atm though) - we have a new parameter related class called ParGroup which replaces the old ParTuplets concept. One nice thing is that you can assign values now with less code. In your script for example:

newParGroup = self.ownerComp.customPages[0].appendXY('Res')
newParGroup.val = (data["Res1"], data["Res2"])


This will be fixed in the next posted release.
Thanks for the example.

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Thanks for the quick answers