FIXED: Replicator loses dependency with table when Operator Prefix is empty and clicking Recreate all operators

Build 2019.33840, Win 10.

ReplicatorBug.toe (3.8 KB)

Basically, when you are replicating from a table, with “Name from Table” set to “Column by Name”, then you leave “Operator Prefix” empty, then you click on Recreate All Operators, the replicator comp will lose dependency with the input table. You can get it back by entering anything into Operator Prefix. But once you empty out “Operator Prefix” and click on “Recreate All Operators,” the same thing happens.

Please see Readme for step by step instructions in the attached toe file on how to recreate this bug.

Thank you.


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Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in builds 2019.35330 or later.

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