FIXED: Reset Pulse on Lag CHOP not working


The Reset Pulse is not working on Lag CHOP when the “Lag per Sample” option is ON. If I set manually the Reset toggle to On/Off it works as expected. Im not sure tho if Im missing something very obvious…

Here I share a test project, in my case if I change the seed and press the reset pulse on node lag1 is not working… on lag2 is working as expected.

Im on Windows 11 using TD version 2022.32120


testBug.toe (3.8 KB)

I see what you mean. Adding to the bug queue

This is still not working on the 2023.11340 release :slight_smile:

Hi @Sandufi,

thanks for bringing this back up.


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This will be fixed in builds 2023.11470 and later.

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