FIXED: Screen Grab top - ROI changing

Version 2019.19160
OS win 10.0.17763

Sometimes screen grab top changes it’s region of interest. This happens with the same project
on 3 different computers.

Can you post an example .toe that shows what you are seeing? I’m not sure I follow the issue exactly.

Hey Malcolm,
Thanks for the reply!

I finally had the time to play and reproduce this bug not inside my project which requires several dependencies and was impractical to send to you.

Have a look here:

The screenGrabTOP (may need to set other values, i captured only my second screen) is inside base1, to reproduce the bug just toggle the cooking flag of base1 off then on again (I do it a lot in my projects to save resources).

Anyway, by finding the way to reproduce this bug did find my workaround.

Cheers, and happy holidays.

Thanks for the sample, this bug is now fixed.