FIXED Second monitor op window make TD crash

Windows 10 home 10.0.18363
TD version 26630 and 25380
Gpu nvidia 2070 max-q mobile driver 45638 (latest)
Laptop with second Asus monitor connected via HDMI, generic PNP monitor driver, extended mode

Open td (it appears on the main laptop display)
Move the TD window to the secondary display
Double clicking to make the op window appear or pressing tab result in a black op window and TD crash (become unresponsive)

It very odd that its not mentionned elsewhere so maybe its specific to my setup but that kind of crash did not happen with any other software yet, only TD.

This sounds exactly like other reports from user with MSI, ASUS, ACER, or ALIENWARE laptops. Many of these come preinstalled with extra bloatware that causes these crashes. If you search the forum for “bloatware” you will find the threads I’m referring to, and solutions.

What make is your laptop and I might be able to pinpoint it.

I had the same problem with MSI gaming laptop and getting rid of ALL Nahimic software (for some killing the process) make the life easier with many softwares;

thanks guys its driving me nuts. I’m on a alienware laptop so it totally makes sense! Will check and report back

Wow so many threads. I usually search before posting not sure what happened there, sorry for duplicate post

That said, problem is fixed, I uninstalled “alienware command center” from the add/rem program menu, restarted windows and crashes are gone!

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