FIXED: 'Segmentation Fault' starting with 2022.35280 [Win11 64]

I’m experiencing a ‘Fatal Error: Segmentation Fault’ crash when loading certain project files starting with TD 2022.35280. I am able to load into 2022.33910 just fine. This is happening on multiple computers all of which have Threadripper CPU’s and either Nvidia A6000 or A4500 GPU’s with current drivers.

I have not been able to identify a specific component that is causing this. .dmp file is attached.

TouchDesignerCrash.2022.35280.1.dmp (416.6 KB)

Hi @leclaire

This is logged for a developer to look at the .dmp and get back to you.

Can you confirm you had a look with 2022.35320?

If you could share the file in which you can reproduce, that’d be helpful.
Can send an email to support and reference this thread.


This crash is occurring when reading a .exr file. Any chance you can share the file with

@JetXS yes confirmed this is happening on 2022.35320 as well.

@malcolm following up via email now.


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Thanks for the sample, this crash will be fixed in the next builds we post.

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Amazing, thanks all!