FIXED: Setting MovieFileOut to H264 on Mac causes unrelated errors

Mac M1 Sonoma 14.3.1 TD2023.11600

It’s clear you cannot use h264 export on Mac, however I’m developing for Windows on my travel Mac, so this keeps popping up:

When I have a MovieFileOut TOP set to h264, I see error X’s in seemingly random places in my network, for example /local/master_beat. It also pops up in some of my DATs that would execute code, and it seems to block execution of those as well. These are completely unrelated to movie export.

These errors and blocks also persist until I uncook and recook Base COMPS they are in.


have logged this and we are having a look.


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Can you attach the file or send it to It sounds like some errors are not captured correctly and this is unfortunately network specific. The error should only be showing up on the MovieFileOut TOP saying H264 is not supported on this OS. Thanks.

Hey - I’d just hit this myself - I’ve sent @Selina a project to reproduce it. We’ll take a look - thanks!

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Great thanks for having a look!

Should be fixed in the next release. Thanks for the report!

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