FIXED: Setting ui.masterVolume not implemented on Mac

Was trying some of my tools on a friend’s Macbook Pro M1, and noticed that setting ui.masterVolume results in SystemError: error return without exception set. Works well on Windows.

never tried ui.masterVolume, didn’t know about that one. it does work in windows, but it doesn’t update dependably when evaluating, which i think is something I would want if I were to implement it in my projects

interesting, curious why you’d want that for this specific attribute?

If I’m making a master fader UI element, it seems like the kind of thing I’d want to update accurately. I’d likely push the value from a customPar in settings, but also have a knob or something in UI that should reflect where it actually is, and could imagine there being a confusing disconnect if it isn’t a dependable par

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I have a UI element in my toolkit, and since there’s normally nothing else poking at this attribute I haven’t ran into any issues (other than the Mac bug)


we are having a look.


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Will be fixed in the next release

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