FIXED: socketioDAT does not connect to public https url

#build 2020.24520 on Windows 10 Pro

SocketIO connects to http server but not https. Testing with the official chat example: found here:

This is the output from the touch text console when connecting to the https url:

[2020-06-26 14:20:37] [connect] Successful connection
[2020-06-26 14:20:37] [error] handle_read_http_response error: websocketpp.transport:7 (End of File)
[2020-06-26 14:20:37] [info] asio async_shutdown error: system:10054 (An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host)

Toe file attached to reproduce the bug.socketio_bug.toe (4.7 KB)

This will be fixed in the next 40k experimental build we post.

Hi, are you able to help me connect to this URL from either Python or Java. I don’t want to setup my own server, just wanted a demo of client connecting to public URL. I tried both Python and Java codes in the docs/github but connection could not be established.