FIXED: Table DAT arrow key navigation craps out and freezes whole UI

I just noticed that when navigating a Table DAT with keyboard arrows to jump around cells in various rows/columns, the navigation will suddenly start skipping or becoming unresponsive, and then when I try to use the the TD UI to, for example, save, it becomes unable to do so.

^ notice in this gif how the menu items have no rollover states

To reproduce:

  1. Open the attached .toe (this is a fresh file, I just typed the values into it)
  2. Click into the table and use arrow keys to jump between cells
  3. Keep doing so until it seems to skip a cell
  4. Then try using the TD UI elsewhere

table_nav_issue.toe (3.7 KB)

Win 10, v 2022.26650

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Hey @matijaerceg

Thanks for the report.

I was able to reproduce and logged an issue for a developer to look into it.



also tabbing around did this to me a couple times…

Thanks, I can confirm the problem with tabs as well. I’m looking into this at the moment and will post when we have more information.

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The issues with tabs skipping cells and also leaving the main UI locked have both been fixed now. The fix will be included in our next release.

Thanks again for the report.