FIXED: Targa files not loading in Movie File In TOP


I can’t seem to load *.tga files in Movie File In TOP. Grey square appears in bottom right corner and no error is raised by this node. I am using Windows Build 2019.15840.

Thanks, can reproduce it here, looking into it.

This will be fixed in the next build we post. 2019.15920 or later.
Thanks for the report!

Great, thanks!


I am now using 2019.16600 and issue with *.tga files seems to be fixed except when trying to load them as sequence (by specifying parent folder as path in Movie File In). Gray rectangle in bottom right corner is displayed in such case. Other files seems to work when loaded as sequence so I guess this is still related to previous issue. Thanks.

We’ll take another stab at this, thanks for your patience.

Thanks for your patience. Sequences should work correctly now also. Builds 2019.17220 or later.

great, thank you very much.

HI, I’m still seeing the issue with targa image sequences, I’m using 2020.24680 these are uncompressed RGBA images.

Is there a way to see what the error is? It loads a still frame, but not the sequence?

I tried the following:
RGB - Uncompressed
RGB - with RLE
RGBA - uncompressed.

I’m really after RGB - Uncompressed, but the others would be good to have too.

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If you can share an image I can take a look (3.5 MB)

Hi, I’ve attached two sequences one a RGB tga sequence, and one a RGBA tga sequence.
each just 10 frames (very artistic color bars and a frame count).

Thanks, I really appreciate you looking at it. Perhaps I’m doing something dumb, but as far as I can tell, as soon as I convert these to jpgs, it starts working. While the tga format is somewhat batty it would really help our workflow.


Thanks, this issue is now fixed. Builds 2020.24850 or later.

Build 2020.25380 is now posted with this fix!

Thanks so much. Its working great.