FIXED: TD crashes when making a clone

I have a Base with some network inside. I need some clones of that Base and for a while it worked. But now, when I now make a copy of that base and want to make it a clone TD crashes.
I noticed that when I delete all the nodes on the left side of the L_1, L2…-bases in the middle making a clone is possible. It seems that there is an issue with some of these node(s). But I couldnt find out which one causes the problem, by just deleting single nodes.

A attached a file with only that Node, which causes the problem. And a bug report.
TouchDesignerCrash.2020.22080.1.dmp (232.7 KB)

DMX Project Bug.toe (94.4 KB)

Hey @niknaim79

This is a dmp from a 2020 build. Can you please try to reproduce in the latest 2022 build and see if the crash is still occurring?


Its the latest build of the license (2020) I have. But I will downlaod the latest TD build and let you know.

Yes it still crashes in 2022 version.
TouchDesignerCrash.2022.29850.1.dmp (251.4 KB)

I am unable to reproduce the crash on my end so far.

I will forward the .dmp file to a developer, thanks.

In the meantime, can you please confirm that your GPU drivers are up to date ?

Can you please share the complete specs of your machine ?


Thanks for your fast reply. Just to be sure. What I am doing is copy the base “Song_0”. And then telling the copy to a be clone of that Song_0 base. That is the moment TD crashes.

my Build: 2020.22080
Windows 10 Pro
Intel(R) Core™ i7-10870H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz
Ram: 16,0 GB
NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3060 Laptop

Anything missing? I will will check the GPU Drivers.

Can you confirm that your GPU Driver is up to date?

If an update is available, please update, and try again in the latest TouchDesigner build, 2022.29850.


Edit: Likely not related to the GPU driver, I was able to reproduce following the details you added. Thanks.

I just updated the Nvidia driver to the latest version (526.47) , but it still crashes on 2022.29850.

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Noted, I’ve logged an issue for a developer to look into it.

Do you have some kind of save system in that file ? I notice that .tox files are being created when the crash occurs.


Thanks for the report.
This will now be fixed in builds 2022.30050 and later.

No, there is no saving System in the file.

That mean that I will need to buy a new license if i want to have that file working, Right? Can you tell me what produces the Crash? Maybe i can do a workaround and continue using my existing license.

In this case, it was crashing updating some COMP connectors during the clone update with data that had been deleted.

In your case, you may be able to avoid it scripting the parm change instead, and making sure those networks aren’t displayed at the time.


Hi Rob,
which Parm(Parameter?) change do you mean? And which networks should not be diplayed?


When you were updating the objects to be clones, so the Clone parameters.

So I can not work with clones in that case? Is it possible to change something in the Base network (clone master) itself, to be able to use clones? I will need 20-30 copies of my main Base and need them to be updated, since i might need to do smaller adjustments in the clone master.

By trial and Error I found a table node, that caused the TD crash.

You can use clones, but I was suggesting, you set up the clone parameter via a line of script in the textport, when the networks were not displaying them, to avoid the UI update problem (which only happens during the short clone update itself), but it sounds like you narrowed it down further, so that’s great.
Does it still crash if you re-add the table after the clones are setup?
Are you able to move forward in your project?

The Table was a feature I was thinking of using in a further step. For now its not too important, so I will skip it.
I tested adding the table later in the master base, but as soon I update the clone TD crashes.

So the type of workaound until getting the latest build would be:

open textport and type: op('/project1/Song_1').par.clone = 'Song_0' (do not press enter)
F1 to enter perform mode, then press enter on textport.
escape out of perform mode.