FIXED: TD crashes when using nvidia flex

Hi, I’m a new user to TD.
I have been watching the tutorials provided by THQ and they have been very helpful.
My question is regarding nvidia flex, when I open the toe file of the provided tutorial or follow the nvidia flex tutorial, my FPS drops very much or TD crashes.
I am using a GeForce 3070 and was wondering if there are any limitations to using nvidia flex with this graphics card.

Here is the tutorial I followed.

  • Nvidia Flex Basics in TouchDesigner - Tutorial
  • Foamy Waves with NVIDIA Flex in TouchDesigner in toe file.

I look forward to your reply.

Could you specify what build of TouchDesigner you are using, and if possible supply the dump files and/or your project files.

I’m using TD 2022.35280 commecial license
and I tried to load this file.
Foamy Waves with NVIDIA Flex.toe (7.5 KB)

Where can I find crush logs or dump files?
There is no log or dump files in my project folder

thank you ben

The .dmp files normally show up beside your .toe file wherever it was launched from, it is possible they are not being created.
Thanks, we will have a developer look into this.

The crash will be fixed in the next official build we release. This is a regression from 2022.33910 so in the meantime you can downgrade your build to work around the crash. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Thanks for checking it out.
I’ll downgrade and wait for the next release

TD 2022.33910 Works! Thank you again :slight_smile:

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Quick query, as it happens I’m working on a project considering utilizing the new ZED integration and Flex, and just discovered this problem today, do you have a rough sense when this might be patched? as otherwise we might run two versions of TD as a workaround

Thanks @eric.b just got the latest release running today with Flex and Zed and it’s humming! love your work!

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