FIXED: TD Timeline crash on frame rate change

Hi there,

I noticed a TD crash that I can reproduced on 2023.11600 and wasn’t on 2023.11340.
I have a default project that only set the current rate of the project to 50fps instead of 60fps with no nodes inside.

TD open normally as it usually does, but if I change the FPS to 25 fps and roll back to 50 fps, it does crash the timeline UI.

I’m running macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 on a MacBookPro Apple Silicon M1.

I attach the default scene, in case of you can noticed something wrong inside that could introduce that.

DefaultStartupProject.toe (3.5 KB)

Hi @cpersoz

We have a bug logged related to this.

However, it shouldn’t crash.

Rather, it should freeze for a minute or so and catchup.

Are you seeing a full crash or is it coming back alive after a minute?



Nope the timeline never came back alive after this. But it did came alive again if I disable the cooking and re-enable it.


This will be fixed in builds 2023.11656+


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Awesome, thanks!