FIXED: Text SOP: Font Size under 1 + Bold = disappearing text

Title pretty much says it all. After you choose a font size under 1, and change any other parameters (bold/italic/LoD/etc.) the text will disappear.

Just wanted to follow up to mention this is only happening on Mac, build 18580. Just tested on Windows and no issues there.

There’s definitely something odd. If you add the parameter and then slide the font size smaller, it works. Thanks for the report, we’ll look into it.

I’m also having a similar problem on Mac build 2020.23680, OS 10.15.4. As far as I can tell, adjusting font size to something other than 1 and then adjusting the level of detail makes that instance of the SOP stop outputting anything permanently. First happened after saving and reopening a file where I had changed other parameters, but after messing around it seems to be those two controls that are doing it.

Thanks for this. I can reproduce with the level of detail, will take a look.

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This will be fixed in builds 2020.24620 or later. Thanks for the report.