FIXED: Text TOP, Kerning problem in Bitmap mode


We need to use some Kerning in Bitmap mode for a LED display but it does not seem to work on PC. It does work in scalable mode though. You can see the difference in the attached images :arrow_down:. The o and a should go below the T and the V and the // should be close to each other:

I’ve also tried on Mac and there it does work in Bitmap mode, so it’s a bit puzzling… I tried different built, notably the 2021.15240.

Did anyone ran into this issue before, any idea on how to fix it? It’s important for us to get perfect kerning since we designed a typeface that is spaced / kerned very precisely.



Thanks for this report, there was a bug on the DirectWrite workflow (bitmap on windows) which caused incorrect kern values to be used between character pairs in english. macOS uses a different workflow (CoreText) which is why you get different results.
This will be fixed in the next builds of 2021.10000 series and 2022.20000 series we post.

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Great, thanks Malcolm for the reply and the fix, will have to check which license we have on the PC though to see if we can update to the latest version,

Just in case, I’ve noticed as well that the spacing (regardless of kerning) is different if you use different mode (bitmap, scalable, polygon…). If you type the same text on a couple of different text TOPs and use the difference TOP it’s quite noticeable.