FIXED: Texture 3D Top not loading frames correctly after increasing project FPS

If you increase the FPS, from say 60 to 120, the Texture 3D Top will still load frames at 60 FPS, until either you close and reopen the project, or delete the node and create a new one.

More details:
If you lower the FPS it works as expected.
You can lower the FPS and then raise it back up to where it started and it works fine, but you can’t raise the FPS above the rate that it was when you opened the project (without the bug happening).

Here is an example:
3dtexture_bug.toe (3.8 KB)

Pause the project and advance only frame by frame. Increase the framerate and see that the Texture 3D Top does not load every frame as it should.

Hi @jjgagnon,

thanks for reporting this, we are having a look.


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This will be fixed in builds 2023.11621 and later, thanks for the report.