FIXED: Timer CHOP "blinks" after it finished

I found that Timer CHOP “blinks” after it finished.
If I set Lock To Timeline mode and Delay, it happens.

It happens in 2023.11600, but I think it has been existing since TD 2023 has released.
TimerCHOPBug.toe (4.4 KB)

Are you sure you unchecked “done” in the “Outputs” page ?

I unchecked “Done”, but “timer_fraction” still blinks.
Anyway, if I checked “Done”, “done” also blinks.

I found that “Delay” is not relevant with this problem.
“Lock to Timeline” cause it.

Hey @kezzardrix

Thanks for the report and sample file.

I see the issue on my end and this is logged for a dev to look into it.


We’re working on a solution, but as a work around, when “Lock to Timeline” is set, set Active to “Always” (instead of “While Running”).
That should stabilize the output in your case.

This will be fixed in builds 2023.11685 and later.