FIXED: Toe broke between 099 2019.19930 and 2019.20140

Running on Win 10 - 64 bit.
I’ve inherited a toe. Runs fine on 19930 and will not load at all in 20140.
Symptom: hangs on the splash screen. Gets to 100% and that’s it. Eats a lot of CPU while it hangs.
It does include a version of nVoid Tox Tool, created for 088, and stated as stable on 64-bit build 61480.
So, I suspect that might be the source of the problem, but I don’t really know how to determine what the culprit is.
Also, I am not able to find an updated version of Tox Tool. nVoid github only has a readme and a link to that just resolves to
Does anyone have some ideas on how to debug this issue?
Thank you.
BTW, I’m a newbie, so still just skimming the surface of TD.

Hey @ssands,

welcome to the community!

One thing that can help when debugging old files that crash or refuse to startup is to make a copy and rename it to CrashAutoSave.toe
The file will load up but without cooking any of the operators (Something called “Safe Mode”). In this mode now you could deactivate cooking of whole components by disabling the Cooking Flag that you suspect cause the issues and save out a new version before trying to load that one up.

Regarding the nVoid Tox Tool collection, maybe @elburz has some insight.


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Thanks very much for the reply. It does load when I use Safe Mode.
I turned off the Cook flag on the Tox Tool comp and it still doesn’t load, so it looks like that is not the problem.
It’s a huge network, so it will take me awhile to figure this one out…

If you can send your file into support then we’ll take a look. If we can reproduce your startup issue we can get a fix for it.

Hi Ben,
Thanks for the info. I’m still making my way around here. How should I send the file in and to where (zip it?).
Also, I am on the Free tier as this is a total not-for-profit venture (in fact we will all spend money on it, as it is for Burning Man). Does that impact the support services?

You can attach it here if there is nothing in it you don’t mind sharing. If you want to keep it private send it to support at

All support for Non-Commerical, Educational and Commercial licenses is done here in the forum, so you are in the right place! We will try to fix any bugs reported if we can reproduce them, and usually do it in order of severity like when it keeps someone from working at all with TouchDesigner, as in your case. We also have to prioritize some bugs over others based on our available resources. When a bug is fixed it will go into the next publicly posted build.

If you have a Pro license then Pro support gets you to the front of the line, immediate response, and a privately fixed build asap if you need it. You also get 6hrs dedicated direct support with us.

Thank you, Ben, email sent to support.

Just to update the post for others that might happen across this, there was a bug found in loading large .csv files, it will be fixed in next build we post after 2019.20140

Big thanks to the TD team for squashing this bug so quickly!

@ssands sorry I didn’t see this sooner, glad it was sorted out and not an issue of the TOXTools. The nVC2 is being phased out in favour of the tools we have in The HQ PRO, but we’re still supporting any nVC2 subscribers. If you send me a direct message here I’ll send you my email address you can use for any further bug questions.

Thank you, @elburz. I will DM you.