FIXED:Toggle-type CustomPar reference persists for Pulse-type parameter after erasing expression

Win11 Latest TD 2023 and 2022


  1. Create a Base COMP
  2. Add a Toggle custom par
  3. Inside Base COMP add an LFO CHOP (for example)
  4. Reference the parameter created in 2. for the Resetpulse parameter of the LFO CHOP
  5. Toggle the 2. parameter == LFO resets
  6. Erase the reference to the parent parameter added in 4.
  7. Toggle the 2. parameter again == LFO resets <<< although the reference has been erased and is now empty

This breaking error state persists until restarting the project.

I couldn’t replicate this but it sounds like a nasty bug. Just to get clear…
how do you create the reference? By dragging par to par or something else?
how do you erase the reference? By deleting text or something else?
If you can make a screen cap video of it happening, might help.

Ah wait I see it happening when I create the expression on the resetpulse parameter. Is that what you’re seeing? Doesn’t happen on the reset parameter

Reporting this to the team…

ah yeah, Resetpulse is what I meant, thanks!

Thanks, this will be fixed in builds 2023.11318 and later.