FIXED: TouchDesigner + Synergy KVM = can't drag parameters?

Hey there,

I love using TouchDesigner and Synergy (or Barrier).


I’ve noticed that I can’t drag parameter values as desired in the TD UI on remote machines.

This is what happens:

Any advice or hints?


Happens also on Teamviewer and even with some software like mouse without borders. Annoying af, but known for quite a while :frowning:

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Yes, Exactly, with VNC too!

The fact that this bug is old and known, is not a pass :joy:

Some might argue that it is not a bug. That it happens when TD is used beyond its intended scope…

“oh just don’t use VNC or Synergy, duh”

Which is why I haven’t said anything for… 7 years?

But I can’t hold my tongue any longer.

Please, Derivative, have mercy on us masochists…

It’s always good to bring this back to the surface, so you are right.
I probably am just so used to it by now, it’s kinda sad.


This isn’t to say its not a problem, but we have tried to fix it many times in the past. It has to do with how Windows returns cursor positions to us, the value ladder needs to track cursor virtually so you can continue to move the value ladder indefinitely ie. it is not bound by the monitor’s edges. The numbers Windows returns are not tracked correctly through all these services, for some unknown reason. We haven’t reattempted a fix in a couple of years, as we update the UI this year maybe we can rethink it from the ground up.


I have yet to see a program get this to work reliably (Blender has the same problem) but also, some of the video gaming / remote game streaming stuff does properly pass the mouse info since many games - especially FPS - do a “virtual cursor” to let you spin around indefinitely etc.

I don’t remember if Parsec or Moonlight (nVidia Shadow Play but over the internet instead of LAN) worked, but I recently tried and it seems to work pretty well. Bonus being that you only have to install the “hosting” software on the remote computer and then you can access it through a web browser at It seems to be free, but do note that if you go to without the “/gaming” on the end of the URL, you will end up signing up for their dev program, IE you want to make an app that uses rainway technology, and that seems to cost $500 minimum.

All that being said, one thing that might be helpful, @ben would be if there was a keyboard shortcut to hold down which would allow the scroll wheel to do some value-laddering. Like alt or ctrl-alt or something. I know right now it just zooms the network, but maybe it could not do that when you’re over the parameter pane. While you’re at it, multi-touch “pinch to zoom” implementation would be amazing :slight_smile: Just a thought…

I’ve also messed with using a MIDI controller with encoders to adjust moused-over parameters, but that ends up being a whole setup process in itself and I don’t think MIDI passes properly over TeamViewer or anything. You could try making some sort of python macro that does this with just unused keyboard keys. For more info look into the rolloverPar python in the ui class: UI Class - Derivative


This behavior is much improved in the next release of the 2023.10000 series. Thanks for your patience!

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