FIXED: Trackpad Issues in TD with Macbook Pro

We haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. Does it happen with any .toe file or just certain files? If you put down a Mouse In CHOP, do the positions & button states all update correctly when you use the touchpad? Thanks.

Hello Selina,
It happens with all .toe file, position and button states update correctly in the Mouse In CHOP. Here is a capture, at the beginning it is possible to move around with the left button, but as you can see at 00:52’ left button is still detected by Mouse In but it doesn’t navigate anymore in the network :

Thanks for the video. Is this issue new to 2022.32120 or did you also encounter it in older builds? Does it reset if you click the other buttons, or split the pane and move around between 2 networks?

Hi Selina, yes it happened also with the precedent version (2022.31030). It doesn’t reset when clicking on others buttons (as you can see on video) or when I split the screen.

I noticed also some flickering on the network screen (the screen has intermittent flashs).

This happens only on the silicon M2max MacBook Pro, it doesn’t happen on a 2016 Intel MacBook Pro.

Hope this helps!

Hello, I am also experiencing the similar issues on M2 max 2023 Macbook Pro-

I’ve found that if you use two fingers and double click the track pad you can bring up the menu dialog box, and after you close that dialog by clicking elsewhere in the network, are you able to continue navigating with click and drag functionality and the cursor becomes the cursor with the four arrows in all directions.

after using a single click to select an individual operator, I loose click-drag navigation in the network, and only zooming with two finger slide is enabled.

another quirk I noticed is that the selection box for selecting a group of operators with a two finger click and drag appears infrequently, but will still select operators. I didn’t notice at first that the operators were being selected because the selection rectangle didn’t appear every time, but it does work to select operators.

Hope this helps


Similarly here - short while after opening I lose the ability to move around network and right-click using the settings in Ventura System Prefs with MacStudio using an Apple TrackPad. Only happening with the 32120 build - but initially it wasn’t a problem with this build. Something going on here

Ok - here’s some repeatable behaviour - create a new project with the 32120 build. Initially - all good. Then right-click on say - a connector. Contextual menu doesn’t appear and thereafter cannot navigate network with a click and hold until the project is reopened. You might have to repeat this a couple of times for the issue to start. This is crippling. Running Ventura 13.2.1.

Interestingly once the problems appears - right-clicking on an Operator works - but not connectors. There have also been some issues with connectors not displaying at some zoom levels - which also existed in the previous version.

I’ve reverted to the previous build (31030) and the TrackPad issue doesn’t occur

it seems like the issue is just track pad right clicking, and it seems that with a wireless mouse all of the issues disappear, so not the end of the world

should this thread be linked/moved to the bugs topic?

Thanks for the update. We are still looking into it. Moved to Bugs forum.

@stephanebissieres @chrlzg @pattomatica Would you mind posting your trackpad settings?

Here are my Trackpad settings

Thank you

Here are my settings :

Yes splitting the pane makes the new network window navigable!

Just a quick update. We’ve reproduced it a couple of times but somewhat unreliably. We think toggling group dialog (cmd+g) may get rid of the state but we’ve only done that once. It is possible that ‘p’ to bring up the parameter dialog may reset it as well.

If you are able to reproduce this, can you let me know if double clicking on the network editor still brings up the OP Create Dialog? And whether box select via the trackpad works? Thank you.

Toggling ‘p’ works for me - but it’s only a temporary fix i.e. has to be repeated every time you RC on a connector in order to restore navigation panning.

Alright, I should have a fix for this. This bug was introduced after 2022.31030, so going back to an earlier version should be fine. This only happens when Trackpad settings has Secondary click set to Click with 2 fingers. To reproduce do a 2 finger click next to an output connector on a node, and you should be able to get into a non panning state easily. This bad state will be reset after getting bringing up the RMB menu on the network. I’ll have a fix for the next release.

@stephanebissieres can you confirm the issue you have that is also in 31030?

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Hi Selina,

Thank you for the update, great you can fix it !

I can indeed reproduce the non panning state with 2 finger click next to an output.

Before version 31030 I was on an intel MacBook and never had this issue, it might be specific to silicon MBp

I was having this issue on a 2021 MacbookPro, Thank you @selina!That workaround fixed the issue!


There’s a new build posted with the fix, hopefully the problem is gone for good.

Problem persists on a trackpad with a MacStudio as of version 32660